Saturday, July 08, 2006

one more before I go...

I leave for camp in 8 hours!!! I think I'm all packed. I seem to have misplaced my camera though. :( I'll miss not being able to take pictures of my campers, I'll just have to watch and enjoy all the fun moments while actually being in the moment. That's the one problem of can get so caught up in trying to catch things on film that you miss the actual experience of being there. So I'm not even going to bother trying to find my camera again...before I leave that is. I do want to find it once I get back. If someone that was here on Tuesday knows where it is, please tell me.
Tonight I went to Baranga's, apparently NOT a country bar. haha. oops. Shannon said it so well, "Can't you tell [gestured to her and LA & Meggs] we're all dressed up. Now if we were going to a country bar we would've dressed like you." gee thanks. :) At least I know I would've fit in...somewhere. Nah, just kidding. It was a lot of fun. Especially watching a couple friends take over the dance floor ;) and mess with boys minds. You're evil...but it was great entertainment!! :) Great commentating fellow 'sitters'. :)
Wow, I'm using a lot of smiley faces. :) I'm in a great mood. I knew I would be...the day could only get better. As I tried to explain the bad day to people, it just didn't come out right. It really was a bad day...but God was there and so life is great.
Please pray for me at camp this week in the following ways:
pray for the salvation of campers
spiritual growth and nourishment for staff
energy for those getting tired (I realize it's only week two of the summer...I'm thinking mostly of Tr/Dipper)
for those graduating from CILT
for safe travels for campers and parents
health for all
wisdom in leadership
that all needed spots for staff are filled
and for all of us working up there to be showing Christ to the campers in everything we do, that God would be exalted in EVERYTHING.
This is going to be an AWESOME week, I'm so excited for all the great things God will do!! I want to encourage everyone to commit to praying for someone/thing in particular regularly over this next week and see what God will do. I dare ya!!
Love you all!! (so does Jesus) :)


  1. Hey Nikki, glad you'll be able to work at a different camp this summer. Where are you working?

  2. You should come home. I need to vent. Like this: "Ahhhhh!" *waves arms wildly*

  3. thinking of you and praying for you! hope you had a good week at camp. XOXOXO