Tuesday, June 20, 2006

what a crummy day

"Always look on the bright side of life", you know that song? I try, I really do try-to look on the bright side of life that is. But today its just really not that easy. I had a pretty rotten sleep last night (you may have noticed my first post today was around 3am), so that didn't help matters. I didn't want to get up this morning, but I managed, somehow. I walked to my closet and noticed that the floor of my storage room (door was ajar) was shiny... "Hmmm" I think to myself, "I have carpets in there, that should NOT be shiny", so I open the door and see a hose that's come detached from the humidifier and is spraying water, filling up the storage room. Make matters worse, it's aimed DIRECTLY at my file box, full of pay stubs, financial information, school papers, TAX stuff. "God, please make this a dream, please??" Nope, definitely not a dream. So Hatem (landlord/boss) finally comes sauntering down with me standing there in my pj's (not a pretty sight), bad hair, definitely bad breath and bare feet that are soaking up some of the water. He sends me off to work while he 'fixes' the problem. His solution? Take everything out, put it in my bedroom, rip up the carpet and leave me with a storage room (turning into an office for school in September) without a decent floor. GREAT. But he doesn't care, because he moves out of here in a few weeks. Five to be exact. So chances of him putting a new carpet are about one in a million. Trillion. Infinity, really. He won't do it.
So I got to work, not in the best of moods because of the state my room was in. The day went by fine, Hatem was being difficult, Trish was totally stressed out and our inspector came. But the day was going by fine. I was preparing muffins when Trish was taking cookies out of the oven (we were working side by side). A burning hot tray of cookies came crashing down that I mistook for a pan of cooled bread. So I reached for it and burnt the palm of my left hand and three decent burns on two fingers on my right hand. I went home early.
And that was my day.


  1. aww, sounds like a pretty crappy day to me. Makes me wish I could be there to hear about it in person. miss you niki.