Wednesday, June 21, 2006

much better

Good morning!
Yesterday was quite a rotten day, yes. But it got much better. I came home early from work because of the burns on my hands and went to check out the damage in the basement. After removing the carpet the floor was REALLY dirty, so I spent about an hour cleaning it all up, probably about 1/2 an hour on my hands and knees sweeping the nails and screws and years of accumulated dirt of the nooks and crannies of the uneven floor. That was fun. Then I wanted to vacuum, but my vacuum filter was I did what any normal citizen would. Buy a new filter? Gosh, no! I took out the filter, grabbed a garbage bag and emptied its contents-best part? Didn't even have any gloves. Ah well, I'll have a filter for another couple months, it's HUGE (so it took a long time to empty). Then I vacuumed everything up and the floor looked really clean. Then I decided to take a bounty papertowel and a bucket of soapy water and wash everything down, the stupid humidifier that was the cause of the mess, the pipes (my storage room is basically the furnace room), the window sill, light switch, door, everything. And since Hatem decided to just throw out my carpets instead of replacing them, I have a few carpets that Kyle found in the garbage and they now don my storage room floor. It looks nice and neat. But my bedroom sure doesn't. Everything that was in the storage room is piled in my bedroom and there's really no place to walk. I want to build shelves in there before I go putting anything back in, I'm really hesitant to put stuff on the ground again. Anyways, the day turned into more of an adventure and I was able to laugh at it.
Then Josh picked me up and we went swimming somewhere downtown where Laura works while she was guarding. Then the three of us went and got a pizza and went back to her place to watch Unbreakable and do my laundry. Good movie. Even if it was just a little scary.... :P I get frightened easily, what can I say? I had a good time. :) And I get to see Laura again tonight, YAY! We're actually going to scrapbook, we ARE!!
So now I should go clean my place somewhat so we have room to scrapbook tonight, and so I'm not so ashamed of the state its in. Okay, I'm out. :)
Love Niki
PS-the burns are much better, the worst one on my right hand were wrapped up in ointment right away so there's only two little marks left. Much less than what I thought it would be.

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  1. I'm so glad
    it's not too bad
    or I'd be sad
    or even mad.
    XOXOXO :))