Thursday, June 22, 2006

and this award goes to...Betty Crocker!

Volunteer Appreciation Dinner was tonight, so fun! I got an award: "The Betty Crocker Award: Always a source of encouragement, either with food or a contagious smile". I was really surprised to get something and quite nervous to go up and get it, but it was really cool. I wish everyone had gotten a little award, everybody does such an amazing job at CotR! You guys are all amazing!!
And now I want to show you some pictures. First, my storage room after the mini flood, then a close up of the dirt that Hatem left behind (he put boxes back in, to 'hide' the mess he left (after he said he'd take care of it) and then a picture of a bounty paper towel-they really are durable, I rung that thing out like 5 or 6 times!!

And now for some pretty pictures...
Paul and I

Jay attempting to take a picture, but successfully cutting himself out, so thats part of Jay, Chuck & I


Tracey (I spent Christmas with her and her family) & I

Finally, the 'roomies'...although we're not anymore.

Did you catch the theme? Yes, they all had to be about me. lol. So silly. That was the first time I've ever worn that dress in public, I like it. :)
I could update much more, but instead, just enjoy the pictures...I'm waving goodbye now:
Love Niki


  1. ahhh... last night you said you wrung out your bounty paper towel like 8 times?! what the heck, niki! if you're planning to milk it for all its worth you have to get your story straight. bounty's sure to have some sort of investigation division. hello!?!

    :: m ::

    ps: can't order the burgandy taffeta so i'm thinking... tangerine?! :)

  2. You do have a contageous smile! And it's nice to share... unless it's like contageous foot odor. You can keep that to yourself kthx.

  3. you have had an interesting week. it's too bad it wasn't interesting in a better way. But think of it this way, now you have more interesting stories to tell your therapist when you finally snap and end up at the top of a bell tower with a sniper rifle. or cream pies, whichever is funnier at the time.

  4. no,no the snapping is my department, after all I work at the post office.
    Congrats on the award, I think you have a beautiful smile too. :)) You always have material for your blog, lucky you! XOXOXO