Saturday, June 24, 2006

slurpees in the wintertime

Just a bunch of random thoughts:
The baptisms are at church tomorrow. Well, not at church Valens Conservation Area, which means I have to pay to go to church. That's kinda weird. There's going to be 14 baptisms, EXCITING!! My old landlords daughter is getting baptized, yay!
I worked 6 days this week and I get tomorrow off. I'm so excited. Today at work Omar commented about one of our regulars and said "no really man, he like NEVER tips, ever" and was pretty upset about it. I laughed because just 2 days ago I got a dollar tip from him. Which is substantial at Subway, usually its just a couple pennies or maybe a nickel. And I got a dollar. I think I'm the only one he's ever tipped. I think he's taken a liking to me because I'm a Christian. Weird, yes. But it's the only thing that makes me different than the rest. And he always says how great that it is that I'm a Christian, "good for you young lady, good for you". He makes me laugh. And at the same time he creeps me out. Oh well. He tipped me and I'm happy. :) Today was not all unicorns and daises though. I had a horrible customer. She was incredibly rude and flipped out on me for no apparent reason. Both my coworkers said she was completely out of line and they couldn't believe how patient I was despite her attitude. Our manager said to me "I'm ready to go out there and tell her she needs to come back and apologize because she was inexcusably rude to our nicest and most polite staff member". Just hearing her say that made my day. She didn't go tell the lady off, which was fine. But knowing that I wasn't wrong, made up for the silly customer's crankiness.
Last night I was talking to my friend Darrell for a couple hours, we had a good chat. I thought anyways. Right, Darrell? :) He sent me one of the short stories he wrote and wow... I can't stop bragging about it to people. I saw Meggs & LA last night and told them about it and at work I was telling my coworkers and yeah! I can't wait until he gets it published and I can say, "oh yeah, I know him...that story made me cry when I first read it". And people will be amazed and in awe of his coolness.
I'm tired and now I'm going to have a nap. Eventhough its only 6pm. I'll probably be awake around 10 if anyone wants to talk or hang out?? ;)
Love Niki

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  1. I can't believe you guys get tips at Subway... that's so weird. Not that you don't derserve them or something... cause you do. You totally do.
    And it's "unicorn farts" by the way. Just to clear that up. kthx.