Monday, June 26, 2006

so i got a little red yesterday

It didn't look like I was getting any sun...but apparently I did. I dismissed Wendy's offer to give me sunscreen, "No", I said, "I want to tan". "You'll burn, it's so hot Niki, you need to put some on" she said. I don't regret it. :P Because I don't tan, I burn and then it eventually browns into a nice tan. My favourite part about summer is how when you have a tan (or burn) you look slimmer than you really are. SWEET, I love that!!
So today I get to go to school to write a test, so that they know I can still read and write. Pretty sure all I have to bring is a pen and pencil. Going to double check on the website. On my way to the school I need to remember to drop off my book from the library. Then its off to work, short 4 1/2 hour shift! Then Deb is picking me up and we're going to hang out for a couple hours. It's going to be another busy day. So thankful that tomorrow is a day off again!! haha. And I think I'm going to coop myself up in my apartment and do something I haven't done much
Time to make my bed, eat some breakfast, finish getting ready and go to school!!!, in, going to school. Ah well, fun times. :)
Love Niki

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  1. hope your test went well! I'm on for Wednesday, come to my house I have everwood series finale, and it's not exactly transportable, Josh may be coming to watch with us, if so maybe he'll offer you a ride