Wednesday, June 14, 2006

shinier side of the penny...

I guess I still try to be an optimist. I got my bill for my tuition yesterday, due July 4, got frustrated with BSAP and realized I had to readjust some things. So now I'm going to be walking everywhere. Optimism? I'm going to lose weight! And be really fit. I walked to Ray & Ashley's today and hung out with her and the baby for a few hours, good times. :) Then I walked from there to Sobey's, worked for 6.5 hours, walked home and got home only about 15 minutes after I would've if I took the bus. (I'm not a super fast walker, I would have had to wait for the bus). I read somewhere that it's 3km from my place to Sobey's...Hamiltonians, is that true?
In other news, it's now almost 12:40 (am, mind you) and I'm starving. I'll go get something to eat and then hop into bed. Goodnight.
Love Niki :)


  1. student loans are never fun. it's like they make it extra hard just so you'll feel better about getting any money at all. My recommendation is a slingshot, a bag of dried peas and a tower. Go have some fun!

  2. It's 3.05 km to Sobey's as the crow flies, but 3.59 km if you follow the roads, assuming you take Upper Paradise Rd and then Mohawk Rd. You are also 3345.914 km from my house. :)