Thursday, June 15, 2006

aren't I cute??

Just got my hair done today! A girl I work with at Subway also works parttime as a hairdresser (her mom has a salon in their basement), so she was practicing on me. She dyed my hair one shade darker than the natural colour (but it looks much darker because it was a reddish blonde before), and put blonde streaks in, gave me bangs and layered it and her mom shaped my eyebrows-they're still pink and sore from where she ripped out my hair with that evil wax. But it looks much cleaner and nice now. :) I'm becoming girly!!! haha.
Tonight was a fun night, after coming home from Cheryl's, Josh & Laura came over and we went to Flamboro Downs and played slots. I played and lost $5. If I had stopped playing right away I would've come away with $0.30 profit...but I didn't. Laura made $10.35! Josh lost his $5 too. It was fun though. Not something I'll make a habit of doing, but just something fun to try once.
I'm having a rough time with Kyle right now so I called Matt and we talked for an hour and a half, my mind is reeling. He said some things that made a lot of sense and other things I need to just sift through and think over. But now it's nearly 2:30 am on Thursday morning, I work in 6 hours and don't quit until 1130 tonight...21 hours from now. I should probably go to bed. Goodnight and prayers are always appreciated!!
Love Niki

PS-I'm cute, aren't I?


  1. oui, very cute


  2. Hello cutiepie, nice do! Parcel is on it's way, found green shorts. XOXOXO

  3. Niki, love the hair. Super-cute. Though, I do remember a certain someone saying that "we'd never work, cause you'd never do anything with your hair" - fortunately for you I have other reasons we won't work :) otherwise, who I hear an "IF"? :P

    As for Kyle, gah - that sucks. Sorry things aren't going so hot, but every wave has a top and a bottom, so hang in there, relief is on the way.

    Dollars and cents, don't make much sense do they? Could you not get BCSAP for 2nd term? or was that the plan? I'm confused.

    Well, hop online sometime when you're insane schedule allows. Miss you!

  4. I'm really tired right now and should go to bed, but I wanted to comment first. I can't think of anything to actually say, so I'm just telling you about how tired I am and that I wanted to comment before I went to bed. So really, I have nothing to actually to say about your post. I'm too tired to think right now. I just want to comment before I go to bed.