Tuesday, May 09, 2006

time for bed

It's barely 10 pm and I'm headed to bed. One quick post before I go there though. I went to Mohawk today (the college, not the gas station :P Darrell & Rob) to look around and ask questions and I felt like I was back in high school, first day. I was so nervous walking around campus when school was in session. (I'm familiar with the campus, because its where my church meets on Sundays, but its mostly deserted then). A little nervewracking, but I'll have to get over it. I walked over and I got a v-neck sunburn and a blister on my left foot. It's not even that far of a walk, about 1/2 hour-40 minutes. Maybe that is long to some people...but I've just grown accustomed to going for long walks, its how I get places.
I went grocery shopping and I must say I was pretty impressed, I had $44 (and some cents...but it would've hardly added to anything, maybe 70 cents?), so with $44 guess how much my groceries came to? $43.99! Isn't that great? I must say I was pretty impressed. Everything I bought, except for the bread was on sale or I at least had a coupon for it, except for the Lucky Charms cereal (my weakness), but it had a coupon for a free 2L of milk, so it was justifiable. :) That was my fun day.
And now I'm going to bed. I wonder what time I'll wake up tomorrow. Sunday it was 5:44 AM, Monday and today it was between 6:30 and 6:45...so I wonder what tomorrow will bring? Seven hours of work and a paycheque, I know that much. :)
Love Niki
PS-got my tax return back! Less than I expected, but more than half a months rent, so I'm happy!

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