Monday, May 08, 2006

powerful messages

Yesterday's services (Steve B spoke in the am and guest speaker Paul Carter at the Alt) were both SO powerful. Quick recap of Steve's message:
1) Life is Difficult
2) Jesus is Lord
3) I will Worship!!
Which is basically how I like to think I live my life, but I'm sure I'm not that hardcore. It's the idea that no matter the circumstances, we understand God's hand is in everything and because of that we're responses to situations are consistent in all situations. Many people believe that how we respond to situations is based on the situation itself. Steve presented a different idea that some smart guy somewhere came up with ;) the ABC's if you will...
A=ancedents (situations)
C=consequences ... (i think that was the word, oops)
It's because of 'B', our beliefs that affect how we respond ('C') to our circumstances ('A'). Most people leave 'B' out of the equation, but it's integral to understanding how and why we respond certain ways. A very typical church example, for those who know Christ as their Saviour, death is not something to be feared, but something to welcome because there's something beyond the grave...for people that don't have that saving knowledge, the fear of the afterlife is a very well placed fear, of course you're going to be afraid of something you don't understand (even if you don't believe there is anything, when faced with death, you start to wonder).
Time for work now, I'll have to recap Paul's sermon tonight. In a nutshell, "We don't have to be the opposite of church, we just have to be the church that doesn't suck"-Paul Carter
Love Niki

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  1. I love when the sermons just hit ya right in the gut. Even when it's uncomfortable, it's always awesome learning things that will help you grow.