Saturday, May 06, 2006


Yesterday after work I went to Caledonia (which by the way, if you've been watching the news, is where the whole Native land dispute is happening) to Erin's house with Dave and Wendy to help prepare for tonight's spaghetti dinner. The young adults are putting on a spaghetti dinner to raise funds for Becky (a girl from church) who's going to Panama on June 11 for 2 months! She's only 16 and never been on a missions trip, what an adventure she's going to have!! So last night a group of us (it ended up being way more than we needed, but it was fun!) went to Erin's to cut up veggies and cook the meat for the spaghetti sauce. We ended up in the living room brainstorming ideas for tonight and I'm kind of disappointed that I won't be able to be there, I have to work at Subway tonight. :( But I'm sure they'll have a really great time!
Dave, Wendy & I stopped in at Steve & Cheryl's (Becky's parents) on the way home to pick some more things up for tonight's dinner and we enjoyed talking to them and looking at pictures and videos of Becky & her siblings. They're a really nice couple, Steve and I worked together on sound before I stepped down from that ministry.
And this is where the REAL fun starts...we drove back into Hamilton and went to a semi empty parking lot so Dave could teach me some driving. MAN, I LOVE IT!!!! We probably were driving for about an hour, Dave or Wendy you can correct me if you remember. I practiced turning, parking, reversing and I even backed into a spot between two cars! That may not sound like a huge feat for you seasoned drivers, but I had SO much fun!! I thought I would be a lot more nervous, but I just got comfortable and went for it. People probably thought I was crazy, because I would drive around in circles practicing my right turns (I make really wide turns) and practicing the feel of the pedals. THANKS SO MUCH DAVE!!!! And Wendy, I'm sorry you got nauseous, hope you're feeling better!!
I'm going to go and eat some lunch before I go to work. This morning has been pretty productive, did a lot of cleaning, wrote some notes, reorganized some to do list only has 9 items left! (which is few considering how long it was before). But I'm sure before I cross everything off I'll add's just what I do.
Have a GREAT day!! :)
Love Niki


  1. I was going to tease you if you hadn't posted something about driving last night.
    I think I was more nauseous from having chips sitting in an empty stomach. I had some tea when I got home and I was fine. Thanks for caring.

  2. :-) I'm really glad you enjoyed driving, I had a really great time being your "instructor" for about an hour, I'm pretty sure it was about 45-50 mins. Close enough. I think my car enjoyed your driving too, it told me it likes you - and yes, my car and I have good chats. :) We'll have to do it again sometime.

  3. ...more creepage...

    I'm just looking at the date of when you posted this, and it makes me think that I was probably also in Caledonia that night. May 2006 I was still dating a guy who lived in Caledonia.
    We both go to Caledonia on the same night 2 years ago and we didn't even know each other.
    It's not that close of a connection, but it feels like it to me.