Sunday, May 14, 2006


I'm SO tired. This happens every month or couple months that my body forgets how to function normally...being really tired during the day and wide awake at night and unable to sleep. No matter what I do, I find that between midnight and five am I'm awake and not able to I figured tonight I might as well do something as opposed to tossing and turning and getting frustrated.
I really love country and I finally figured out how to listen to the local radio station on the internet (because I don't have a radio) and it's awesome!! I'm finally getting my fix of country music after listening to soft rock at Sobeys all day and real rock at Subway (boy are those two workplaces so different from each other...even in radio tastes). There's a Randy Travis concert happening sometime at the end of the month and so they keep playing some of his music and I never knew before just how much I enjoy it. :)
Meggs mom is in town this weekend! So last night after work, I called up and used *juice* ;) as a ploy to get into her house, how could she refuse?? haha. It was fun, they were watching Forrest Gump, so we finished watching that (such a GREAT movie). Then we just sat around and talked about all sorts of stuff, mostly Mrs Maeghan's Mom's trip to Europe, so good to hear that she had such a fun time. And then Meggs and I recalled some of the messages we've heard recently at church and we just were able to encourage each other, have a good laugh and reflect on being a Christian. A good night.
I think I've discovered my new favourite quote, Forrest Gump, no doubt: "Sometimes there just aren't enough rocks". So true.
Going to try and sleep again.
Love Niki


  1. Hi sweets,warm milk ! When you warm milk, a chemical gets released, that will help you go to sleep. Sweet dreams, Honey. Oh yes, you can add some honey to your milk if you like. XOXOXO

  2. Hey Niki, sounds like an interesting night. In response to your mom's comment: would milk be a good idea? wouldn't that just make for a not so nice smelling, but perhaps sleepy niki? :)

  3. Have you tried reading your bible when you can't sleep? Sometimes that works for me, God is keeping me up because I haven't taken the time to spend some with him.

  4. In response to dave b's comment: it is supposed to make you sleepy, but you'll still be able to brush your teeth before falling asleep. :))

  5. i say boil the heck out of the milk! That's the only way to go. Go hard or go home! Raaah....*pant, pant*. I have to go break something now...