Monday, May 15, 2006

bed time!! (seems to be a common theme lately...)

Not really much to update. I have coins all over my floor that belong to Alex that I'm supposed to roll, but I forgot to get rollers from the bank today, so I'll have to do that tomorrow. Tomorrow is laundry day!! Laura Y found her video that she thought I had lost...all that headache for nothing, it was in her basement. I'm just SO glad she found it, b/c I felt miserable for 'losing' it. This weekend I'm going to camp to work, getting camp ready for the summer season (the weekend after there will be guest groups up). I feel so happy to be involved with a camp again!! I've just started reading the sequel to Bridget Jones, should be done within the week-then it's DaVinci code. Gotta get working on my scrapbook again, got some new recipes from Wendy (thanks!!). Now I'm going to bed, the house is clean, my pj's are on and I'm ready to go to bed. Busy day tomorrow. Deb wants to hang out, so if all goes right, she'll come over after school and we'll do something (don't know what yet). Anyways, goodnight all!!
Love Niki


  1. I just want to take this moment to say hi to Niki's mom and wish you a happy Mother's Day. Also, Dan Brown (author of DaVinci Code) also wrote a book called Angels and Demons. It's pretty good.

  2. You're welcome for the recipes. I made the cookies today, but I didn't see you so you still haven't tried them. Maybe you can have one tomorrow if you get your food back.

  3. Hello to you too Dar.. I mean "pants", thank you for the "happy Mother's Day" wish, can't wish you the same but all the best otherwise.
    Nicole, your dad read the book, "Angels and Demons", you know he always reads good books. XOXOXO

  4. Yes, I read it... but I found the whole premise pretty ridiculous. Now that the DaVinci Code is out... I have no plans to read it or see the movie. Mom asked me the other day "what if someone asks you questions about things they learned from the DaVinci Code movie, don't you want to be able to discuss it with them?" I believe that my faith in God will provide the answers that are required... I already know what the truth is... I don't need to see a movie or read a book to know what people need to hear.