Tuesday, April 18, 2006

So I read Scriptures at Sunday morning service and I was very happy with how well it went. Apparently my pastor thought it went really well too, because I came home afterwards, checked my e-mail and he wanted me to read again for the evening service. So I did. I was all prepared too...and then he gave me different stuff to read! But I did alright. I actually almost enjoy the whole public speaking thing. Weird!!
My breakfast this morning is grapes, and mom you will be proud, I'm even eating RED grapes!! For those of you who know many of my quirks, but not this one...I used to refuse to eat anything red. Honestly. Spaghetti sauce, tomatoes, grapes, even didn't like red apples for a while, some red juices (the really sugary ones I could handle ;) ). What can I say, I'm an odd one. So, hence the excitement about eating red grapes. And I have green ones too, because they're my favourite.
How was everyone's Easter? Mine came, and went. I worked Friday for a little more than 9 hours at Subway (double shift-posted briefly about that already) and then Saturday I worked another double shift, 4 1/2 at Sobeys and 5 at Subway. Totally forgot I was supposed to work Sat am at Sobey's, so I woke up jumped in the shower, used the last of my cash to get a cab to get me to work and I was only 5 minutes late. Not too bad, considering I woke up 15 minutes before my shift was supposed to start. Long line ups in the CBC bathrooms taught me how to shower quickly. So like I said on Sunday I went to both services, hung out a little with people in between but was really tired and 'peopled-out' so I came home and had some time to myself. After the Alt (Alternative, our city wide worship service), Lisa, Alex & Kyle came back to my place. Everyone else was invited but no one else showed up. A little awkward, but definitely a step in the right direction to becoming friends with Kyle again. We talked afterwards and we talked again last night, bit by bit it's getting better. I finished off my Easter by having Pizza Hut with Maeghan and Dave last night. That was really fun!! We order the Family Feast Fun for 6 and ate a LOT of it-definitely don't order it if you really are a family of 6, not enough to go around. That, or don't invite the three of us. ;) So, Happy Easter!!
Yesterday morning I went to work for 4.5 hours then went to my chiropractor. I wish Sobey's would give me better hours, but instead...they gave me a raise!! :) I'm getting 8.20 an hour now, yes I realize that's not a lot for a 22 year old, but hey-it's money. I've worked there for less than 6 months and that's .45 above minimum wage, and actually it's .85 above what min wage was when I started. But I had initially started at 7.95. Anyways, my point is-I got a raise and I'm happy. :)
This morning I'm going fabric shopping with Mrs Leaker to get material to make curtains and a tote bag! :)
Also this morning... *rolls eyes* my landlord is having 2 people over to look at the house. I went up last night to ask if he had a tape measure (so I could measure the windows) and it was only then (it was already about 9 or 930 pm) that he told me people had called and asked to look at the house, and "would that be okay, or is 10 am too early for you?" 10 am isn't too early for me, but the fact that it's Tuesday and the open houses are supposed to be on SUNDAYS...in that sense, yes it is too early for me. I've already told him that I'd appreciate it if we didn't have people coming throughout the week, apparently I'll have to say it again, maybe write him a letter, because he's really good at convincing people of things they don't want. Anyways, what gets me is I'm curious as to when he was going to ask me?? He said they called him during dinner...that was about 3 hours before he decided to tell me, and only because I went upstairs to him. Whatever. He's frustrating me. I also asked if we could change some wording in the contract that as long as I'm in the basement that I'll be the sole tenant, and he doesn't want to change it. "Oh well, it says something like that"...yeah, but I want it in the contract now, because he's showing people who look at the house the contract and also showing them his storage room (which is off my kitchen and is only accessible when I give him permission-which is basically whenever he wants it) and suggesting that people rent it out as a second room to get more income. That makes me mad because as long as I'm renting, I don't want any roommates-that was one of the major factors when I moved in and I made it very clear to him. And now he doesn't want to change the contract? Well, for once I'd like him to do something that I want him to do. GAH. Ok. I'm done with that now.
Well since I have some unexpected guests coming today I guess I should go clean. One of these days I want to not worry about it and let them see my place the way I live in it-not like it's a mess, there's a printer on the floor (I don't have a desk) with some cables and things on the table. It's not at all messy...maybe I should just leave it. We'll see. I'm too nice for that though-I'm sure I'll end up bringing out the vacuum and broom. lol. Maybe I'm destined to be a cleaning lady after all.
Love Niki


  1. Pray for the right people to buy the house and then be glad your boss won't be your landlord anymore. Have a good week! XOXOXO

  2. i think you might want to go to www.ontairotenants.ca and either read the whole tenant act or just read the faq but things to remember from what i understand he is supose to give you in writing notice 24 hours in advance before he can come into your suite second from what i remember not sure if its in ontairo too or not but if he sells his house he has to give you a months rent
    PS glad your easter went well