Monday, April 24, 2006

Post #60

Good news!!! There is a potential buyer and they have a home inspector coming to look at the house today to evaluate it!! Here's praying that he likes what he sees, that they still want to buy it, that they buy it and that I don't have to move! Ah, that'd be GREAT news.
So I'm going to have to make myself my lunch for work today, I'm thinking a PB & honey sandwich. Haven't had one of those in years. Except the toasted one I had for breakfast...but I mean I haven't taken one to work or school for a really long time. I'll have to either make a couple or bring something else from my quickly dwindling supply of food. I have lots of crackers, some stale-but still, lots of them! :) I have no milk for KD, the only veggies I have are onions, potatoes and carrots (more like dinner veggies, not lunch type-ie. salad veggies), I have eggs and bacon. But I need stuff to take to work, pre-cooked. Ah well, I'll find something...worse comes to worse I do have some frozen dinners that we're on sale. They taste good, I just like to eat more substantial, healthier foods. (whoa, did that come from ME??) haha.
I just realized I still haven't posted those pictures of my plan(e)t (lol, Bronwyn) that I promised. No more time this morning, maybe tonight. Have a great day everyone!

Love Niki

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  1. it's too bad you don't live closer, cuz i've got no KD for my milk...