Sunday, February 23, 2014


The Winter Olympics in Sochi will wrap up today. It's a wonderful time to be Canadian as we are currently playing the Gold medal game against Sweden and we are ranked 3rd for medals overall. It's pretty neat to see how we can set aside our differences and come together to celebrate. The level of patriotism across the country is encouraging, and electrifying. I think you'd have to have a metal heart, or no heart at all, to not get swept up in the emotion as we watch the best of our country represent and fight for gold.

Today seems so far removed from the controversy at the start of the games. There were city halls across the country raising the pride flag to show solidarity and celebrate diversity, since the Olympics were being held in "homosexual-hating" Russia, as the media reported it (they have 'anti-gay' laws). Mayors across Canada were 'fighting homophobia' by raising a flag. I have an issue with this for two main reasons:
  1. the Olympics are about celebrating unity, sports and patriotism, not sexual orientation (even the IOC is stiff about celebrating only sports)
  2. why should I seem less patriotic just because I disagree with one particular lifestyle?
All that said, today is a great day to be Canadian. As I write this, Canada's men's hockey team leads the hockey final 1-0 at the end of the first period. I look forward to watching the closing ceremonies with Duane tonight.

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