Thursday, February 13, 2014

Competing and conflicting rights: homosexuals vs. Christians

Sometimes I just get so fed up with facebook and since I know very few people actually bother to read my blog (much fewer than my facebook profile, at least), I know I can speak my mind here without being branded a 'homophobe'.

Phobia: a persistent, irrational fear of a specific object, activity, or situation that leads to a compelling desire to avoid it. (emphasis, mine)

Irrational: not in accordance with reason; utterly illogical: irrational arguments.

I'm going to go out on a limb and suggest that those who are on the pro-homosexual side of the fence (because, it would seem that no matter how hard we try, there is always an 'us' and 'them' mentality) are prone to calling those of us on the other side of the proverbial fence, homophobes. That is they say we are afraid and if we're afraid, it's because we're being irrational.

Newsflash: irrational behaviour is defined as something that is not in accordance with reason. I have very rational reasons for disagreeing with same-sex activity. I believe in the Biblical definition of marriage and I also look at the way we are created biologically and we just fit together as man and woman. You may not agree with my reasoning and therefore call it irrational, but just because you disagree does not mean that your opponent is irrational.

I'm not here to bash homosexuals and shout "God hates fags" as, unfortunately, many people see Christians (regretfully, there is reason for that).

There was a flare-up of controversy on my facebook wall the other day, including the following comment:

"If you want to view homosexuality as sin, that is totally your call. But don't disguise your homophobia in regards to marriage under that pretense. Should we allow liars to get married? What about adulterers? Just because one is not already a societally accepted norm, does not make it less valid."

I have a few comments about this:
  1. Calling homosexuality a sin: is it really my call? No, it's not. The Bible calls it a sin, therefore it is a sin. Just as liars and adulterers and gossipers are sinners, so are homosexuals. Me calling it a sin isn't my 'right' or my 'call', not when I adhere to the Bible, I call sin, sin. Regardless of how uncomfortable it makes me or others feel. When I overeat, I'm sinning - it's called gluttony. Just because I call something you do sinful, doesn't mean I somehow think I'm superior to you, I recognize that in my fallen nature, I also sin - daily, hourly and minute by minute, I miss the mark and for that I have to ask for forgiveness. I call it sin because I believe in the Bible and that's what the Bible calls it.
  2. Allowing sinners to get married: for starters, the conversation was something completely unrelated to gay marriage (although I knew it would go it was my own fault for posting the article), so I resent the fact that this was brought up based on that point alone. But also, yes, sinners may get married. It's not about sinners getting married, it's about acknowledging the Biblical definition of marriage.
  3. Societally accepted norm: I think a quick look at this infographic would show that homosexuality is rapidly becoming a socially accepted norm. In my age bracket, 68% of people approve of same-sex marriage; 82% of my peers know someone who is LGBT - of which 10% themselves identify as LGBT. It's now more offensive to say you disagree with homosexuality than it is to say you are supportive of same-sex lifestyles.
I'm beyond frustrated at the lack of empathy on both sides of the fence. This was no better demonstrated than when I saw a quote from the controversy on my wall was reposted and mocked:

"I have a gay friend!" is the new "I have a black friend!"

One pro-traditional family commenter had rebutted with "Two of my really good friends are gay" and that brought out all the "pro-homosexuals" on my list and now they're on their own page, mocking my friend. And they say that we make fun of them. (there it is again "us" and "them")

I'm angry, upset and in general distraught that the majority of people who will read through the comments on my page will not even know who identify as Christians and who do not - and my frustration is directed at both sides.

I want the freedom to speak the truth in love, but would expect not to be mocked for my values, just as I do not make fun of those who are homosexuals. I cringe when people mock gays and yet, it's becoming much more common to mock Christians than it is to mock homosexuals.

Come Lord Jesus, come.

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  1. It's a double-standard, as most things relating to true Christian values are these days. We're expected to be open to everything the world considers to be okay, that we consider offensive, but yet if something is offensive to a Christian, we're told we're radical and unaccepting. Ie: homosexuality, abortion, mocking of our God and taking His name in vain (yet, if you were to go and say ANYTHING slightly disrespectful towards a certain religious leader, you'd be afraid for your life in what the repercussions would be). Our country was founded on Christian values, and yet with the extreme multiculturalism that has taken over, if we stick to our guns, we're the bad guys. Everyone else is allowed to, though.
    Preaching to the choir. Sigh.