Saturday, December 17, 2011

the wallpaper shall be conquered

Last summer I decided I wanted to paint my apartment ...

I picked some paint colours and agonized about shades and finally settled on the colours. Then I put them on a piece of paper and hung them on my wall.

Fast forward a couple months to our annual Reformation Party: once we were full of orange food and started to get bored of the game we were playing, we girls started to strip all the wallpaper whilst the boys moved into the foyer area to play more games. We attacked the guys with our sweet (not) fort and tried rather unsuccessfully to pelt them with balls of wallpaper, whilst looking and sounding (not!) very innocent. They shrugged their shoulders and we girls were left to clean up the wallpaper. That was at the end of October.

We're now a week away from Christmas and I've decided to start stripping the glue that was left on the walls. My living room is about 20 feet long and maybe 8 feet wide? It's rather large and there's a LOT of glue remaining. I'm almost halfway done the longest wall.

At this rate I should have the walls painted by the time I've raised enough for a down payment of a house of my own.

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  1. This post makes me nervous as I want to paint my room - it's long overdue. But I have one wall of wallpaper that needs to come off. I bought some special wallpaper-taking-offer stuff and I'm hoping that helps. I think I might aim to get this started when second semester starts and I'm not as burdened down with school work. Maybe by then you'll be a pro and can come help???