Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Worth the Wait - 33 Miles

One of my varied tasks at work is to find an inspirational quote and make a poster out of it. Each week. I get to read a lot of inspiring quotes and find some hilarious, some serious, photos to go with them.

A couple weeks ago I was reading through a list of quotes I have collected over my time here and read:

"make your life a mission, not an intermission"

As I read the quote, the song “Worth the Wait” by 33 Miles came on (I often listen to music as I'm working away).

Here are the lyrics:

I can see your heart is yearning
Everything is so unclear
Is the answer ever coming
After all these years

It's not an easy feeling
Sometimes it seems so unfair
But He knows just what He's doing
With unanswered prayers

So hold on
It's worth the wait
Just keep believing
God has perfect timing
Never early, never late
It takes a little patience
And it takes a lot of faith
But it's worth the wait

What if what you're desperate for
Isn't what you really need
What if there was something more
Than what you dreamed

We may not always see
We may not understand
But He knows just what He's doing
He's got a bigger plan
So hold on

In His time, you'll be fine
All this waiting, now, is by design

Even in the time since I wrote myself a note to write this blog post, I have become increasingly (and suprisingly) more content with where God has me. Not only is "it" worth the wait, I am being reminded that "I'm" worth the wait. I am God's child, I am a precious daughter of the King of kings and I do not need to settle.

Because, as I can attest to, God has a bigger plan. If life were up to me, I'd be in one of the following scenarios:
  • married to a youth pastor
  • teaching elementary school
  • translating Bibles for Wycliffe
  • working for YWAM
  • studying hotel management
  • running a daycare out of my home
Instead, I'm living a fulfilling life (not that those listed above wouldn't have been fulfilling...if they had been in God's plan) and embracing each moment that comes. Perhaps I will still end up in one of those 6 scenarios listed above. Perhaps not.

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