Tuesday, August 02, 2011

summer catch-up

August, welcome! You got here really fast.

So it's now August 2 and I am hoping to begin the recovery process from a bad sunburn received at the beach yesterday. The last couple weeks have been crazy busy, but SO fun. Summer has arrived!!

Starting at the beginning of July, our office has been closed at 1 pm on Friday afternoons which has helped kick off the weekend in a beautiful way each week!

Last week I spent a couple days at the cottage with the lovely and wonderful Mussche family, then I was housesitting for Danielle in her BEAUTIFUL home, had a visit from a friend over the weekend and spent the day getting roasted and toasted at Port Dover yesterday.

Phew. Been busy, but it's been great!

Other summer highlights:
  • getting a visit from Mami at the end of June
  • going to O'Noir with Kim & Mandy and crossing another item off my bucket list!
  • seeing Tim McGraw in concert
  • Peter & Brianna's wedding!!
  • going to Toronto with Laurie to see U2
I've been really enjoying getting to know the young adults from our All Ontario YA group through Bible study and social events - including a games day in Brantford in June and our trip to Dover yesterday and now eagerly anticipating a camp-out in Iona Stn. in August. It's a really solid group of Godly men and women.

Our Sanctuary Bible study continues to meet regularly each week, the girls meet at Mike & Bethany's home and the guys meet at Dave & Renee's (so they can each take care of their little guy). We were excited to hear Renee announce that they are expecting baby #2 in the new year. So much has changed in this group - since last summer: Joshua was born, Jordan and Amanda were married and moved to Manitoba, Tom and Lauren were married, Laurie and I got new jobs, Ruben and Nicole were married, Simeon was born, Peter and Brianna were married...it's just been a crazy year of life changes. I thank God for these people that I have especially gotten to know on a deeper level this last year.

And today is Silas' birthday, the middle son upstairs turned 3 today! It's hard to believe that I have lived with Ryan and Alana since July 2006 - when Tysen was just one month old - and now 5 years later, they've got 3 boys and we live in a different house than where we started.

Oooh, probably the most exciting thing to happen this past week: I passed my G road test which means, Lord willing, my next road test won't be until I'm 80 (which will be the year 2063!). Not only is it just exciting and an accomplishment in and of itself, my car insurance premiums go way down!!

Well, it's getting time for bed, so hope you all enjoyed the quick recap of the summer to date. Hoping for a photo post soon!

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