Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Number Eight

Exodus 20:15 - You shall not steal.

Someone forgot to tell that to some kid(s) in my neighbourhood. That, or they could really care less.

My GPS was stolen from my car last night.

  • I feel incredibly violated.

  • I'm upset.

  • I'm disappointed.

  • I'm angry at myself for leaving the window open.

  • I'm disgusted.

  • I'm hurt.

I cried on my drive to work as I processed my thoughts and went through the emotions. Then I resigned myself to accepting that I probably won't get it back (although I did call and make a police report this morning). As I drove my car I started to realize it could've been much worse, they could've tried to steal the car by hot-wiring the ignition, and they didn't. I could've been REALLY stupid and left my keys in the car and I didn't. This morning I still had a car with which to get to work.

I have a job.

My life isn't terrible.

But I still feel violated.


  1. Awww, hun! That's awful - what a bad feeling, to have had your property broken into and stolen from you. ♥ Hugs...

  2. Unfortunately, chances are it will happen again in the future. :( I'm so sorry it had to happen to you, though. -Shirley <><