Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Some sermons and quotes you hear remain with you far longer than the original speaker probably believed possible.

"Awareness of others' drives your discontent" is one that I keep coming back to.

The quote itself is simple enough, but you (I) can also change it so that it reads "awareness of others [fill in the blank] drives MY discontent". For example, being aware of the fact that one staff member is favoured, drives my discontent or being aware of differences in salary, rent, insurance or car payments. Awareness of others drives our discontent - but what should our motivation be? Should we be motivated by others or are we called to be content with what we have?

You can also turn it around and say that "awareness of others causes us to be content" when you are looking at those with far less. Perhaps that's a better way to view the world, although also a lot more difficult. We tend to focus on the lack rather than abundance. Perhaps this is just a western notion, one that is exclusive to the richest people in the world (myself included).


So what do I do with the fact that I'm still annoyed that my co-worker gets preferential treatment or that I'm paying 3-4x as much as my friends in car insurance?

Suggestions? Advice is welcome!


  1. ooo i know! move to manitoba! car insurance is cheaper here!

    ooooor... think about how long you've been paying car insurance for and then think about how long THEY paid car insurance for and realize that you're still ahead of the game.

    as for the coworker, i guess all you can do is realize that while you're working hard, doing your best, to God's glory, there's some one much more important than your boss who is watching you and who will give you the ultimate in preferential treatment?

    that's my advice. not really great, maybe, but it's all i could do on short notice.

    i love you, darling!

  2. Hey Phlams!

    Thanks for the advice ... it's what I know in my head, it's just not what I wanted to hear (haha...typical, eh?)

    I still fall short of bringing God the glory when I'm at work, so it's very much a speck of sawdust vs. a plank scenario. I should not get so worked up about it!

    Moving to Manitoba does have a certain tempation though...although I also want to move to Cayuga. Can we all just be neighbours??