Monday, February 21, 2011

(brain) explosion

My brain is exploding at work. I can't use FB here to vent, so I'm coming back to this poor, neglected blog to express my woes.

I love my job, really, I do. But, boy! It's a challenge today.

Of course, it's compounded by the fact that...
  • today is Monday
  • it's a stat holiday, but I work for an accounting firm and we're in tax season, so I'm working
  • I spun out on the on-ramp to the 403 highway today and scraped my trunk along the guard rail
  • I'm at work

Looking forward to tonight: boyfriend is cooking dinner!


  1. YOU SPUN OUT??!
    Niki - what happened? Are you okay? Is your car okay?

  2. EEK!
    I worked for Chartered Accountants and they had a side company that was into tax preparation software - this was way back when (1985?) tax software was unheard of - and I HATED the busyness of tax time! It was absolutely chaotic for a few months and then quite boring during the summer etc. I think I'd avoid working for such companies ever again!