Tuesday, November 02, 2010

new perspective on singlehood

The more friends that get married, the more I rejoice that I am not. I watch as my friends lives are transformed, often in very joyous ways, but with that comes compromise, change and a different lifestyle. No longer are you independent, free to do what you want, it's a lot less simple to be spontaneous.

Also, it's hard on your heart. It's good in many, many, so many, ways. But it also opens you up for another level of heartache. The more you have to love, the more you can be hurt. Don't get me wrong, I am in no way saying that you shouldn't love, I'm only saying that marriage, family and other personal interactions open you up to more heartache. I am an advocate of loving everyone with everything I've got, but this last week has drained me emotionally - some good, some terrible, and sometimes I just wish I didn't love with everything I have, because it hurts.

I'm actually quite thankful that the guy I like doesn't like me in return. At least I know for certain that he won't ask me out just because he knows I like him, because he doesn't like me. I'd like to think that one day I'll find someone, but right now - that's hardly on my radar (and that's saying something for me to say that!)

Being single is opening up doors for me to do many other things, and for those things I am thankful that God has kept me in this place.


  1. Hi! Of COURSE you can share that post! :) My blog is public - no permissions needed to share, only to reprint.

    I like the way you're thinking about singleness. It's good to have a clear perspective!

  2. I love your favourite quotes!! I always pray for you, for happiness and that you may get your heart's desires if they're God's will for you, if they're not, that God will gently change them to what He has planed for your life. I love you!