Tuesday, September 07, 2010

a life worth living

I've been reading books about men and women and dating and singleness and God and, and, and... and I've discovered that I need to STOP looking for love and START living my life. I have a bucket list and I want to conquer it.

One of the running themes throughout the books I've been reading and through conversations with friends, men will be attracted to women who are living their life, not women who are just sitting around waiting to start their life. I have done some great things in the past (moving out and going to college, travelling to Switzerland numerous times, randomly landing myself in Hamilton), but since settling into Hamilton my main focus has been: survive until you find a husband and then you can really start living. Well, that stops today.

Exciting things I have planned for this year:
  • my dessert party has been postponed and will be held in November
  • I'm going on a missions trip in Haiti
  • I will attend a book signing in Toronto-even if it's by myself
  • I'm going to raise money for a church in Dominican Republic by running 5km
  • road trip to Manitoba
  • work on a Habitat for Humanity build project
Stuff I have completed on my bucket list so far this year:
  • got my nose pierced
  • attended a CD release party
  • got my driver's license
  • bought a car
  • got a Canadian passport



  1. you, m'dear, an incredible.
    and i, yes me, am on your to-do list. or rather, manitoba is. but! i'm glad, because now i can hold you to this! (hehe... evil cackle).


    but also: i am seriously PUMPED that you are running 5k! niki - you crazy girl! sometimes jordan and i run in the mornings (or we did before school started) and 5k is a lot of k, for the non-runners among us (that'd be me) but so much fun. are you running with worldwide christian schools? because my sister-in-law works there and that's just an awesome organization. also - if i can get my mp3 player to work before laurie comes, would it be helpful at all if you had that? you can put your tunes on there (if it works with itunes... it should... i have itunes...) and then you can just run to that? let me know!

    love you loads, missy!
    ps. i might go run tomorrow because of you (if it doesn't rain, which is in the forecast) geh!

  2. oohhhh i would totally go to a book signing with you in toronto, that sounds fabulous. and the habitat for humanity i'd also love to be a part of. love also that you have a bucket list ;)
    love you Niki

  3. ah, ladies, I love you both!!

    The book signing was meant to be tomorrow night, but life has a way of altering things, but I will go to one, one day. (and Janel, you can of course come!)