Sunday, August 22, 2010

Yard Sale for Charity! - post #2

Maeghan and I held our 'Yard Sale for Charity' yesterday with the generous help of Mrs. L and my landlords unceasing patience. We raised nearly $900 for 7 charities. I am so thankful for this!!

I'm cleaning the house today, just wanted to take a break and let you all know the outcome of the yard sale.

and, I'm out.


  1. A yard sale is always a good way of making some extra cash from old stuff we don't use or need anymore that other people might like to have. My family do yard sales every few years but it's for charity like yours but more for us to get rid of old stuff.

  2. Any reason to clean up and de-clutter is a great thing, and if you can make a couple bucks-awesome.

    We just decided that it would be a good way to raise money for a good cause, and we were able to raise a lot more since we kept telling people "come on, it's for charity!" (and then, they gave more) :)