Saturday, January 02, 2010

photo reminiscing

So I've decided I really don't like iPhoto (maybe because I have an old version...and I'm too cheap to update). iPhoto and my camera do not get along and I find pictures from 2009 in a folder (that iPhoto creates) called '2003' and vice versa. It's ridiculous.

Tonight I started the monumental task of going through my photos (5469 in the iPhoto library, others are hidden elsewhere on my computer) and putting them into folders. I've made 28 sub-folders so far with an average 57 pictures per folder. I've currently gone through 1609 pictures. My head is foggy.

Here are some gems:

If I have one piece of advice for friends...don't use photo booth on my computer unless you want it to be published. This is a regular reader on here, can you identify yourself??

Camp Kawkawa 2004-poor Regina got thrown in the lake.

Probably my most favourite picture of that whole summer at camp and for quite a while after. This entire group of 4 girls was my cabin for the week. And, we lived at the beach. It was AWESOME.

I captured this shot a little early, Laura was getting ready to show off her ring, since she just got engaged the night before to her high school (camp) sweetie. Hard to believe they've been married since September 27, 2008!

This was one random shot from a random night at Chelsea's (where we did NOT use her hot tub), L-R is Laura, Liz, me and Emily.

Another flashback to Kawkawa. This was the summer of 2005 when I was on 'domestics duty'. They kept me on that duty, even after I flooded the laundry room.

Flash-forward a couple years to Cherith 2007. This year I was on maintenance with Ocean (left) and Stokes (right).

To protect the innocent, I have not posted any identifying pictures. Let's just say this night involved an inflatable raft, a flooded soccer field, 4 grown adults and the police.

My first Christmas with the girls and our dear friend Laurie made each of us a little gingerbread house!

This is me on a camping trip. Really.

My Mami and I on our way to Hamilton for my graduation.

This is in BC, back to visit darling (not-so-little) Beth at her high school graduation. I think I taught this girl in Sunday School...when she was about 4. Wow. the time I thought this picture was a good idea. And apparently I still think it's okay to post. Hope you all enjoy it. There is a series, but they will remain locked on my computer, thankyouverymuch.

Krystal, myself and Gen at the awards ceremony in April 2008 (or maybe 2007?). We were some of the top of our class and got awards to prove it. That was nice (also, they gave us money).

This is Kim and I at a hick-themed Stag & Doe for a couple in our church. I did colour in my teeth with permanent marker and in case anyone is wondering, it comes off just fine!


  1. You don't have nearly enough pictures on your computer. Mind you i only have like 1800 on mine, but I rarely take pictures. If you're bored there is a long story posted on my blog that you could read and have it put you to sleep.

    Happy new year!

  2. What is the date on your camera set too?

  3. Wow, Niki, I'm flattered that I managed to show up multiple times on that photo list! lol

    Can you make sure that the actual picture of us with the cops ends up on my wedding slideshow please? I'll enjoy the stir it'll create in the audience. lol....

  4. HAHAHAHA I am just reading through your blog, love that photo of us!