Saturday, January 09, 2010

extinct e-mail addresses

Funny thing...I have a few e-mail addresses, the main ones being, and (personal, church, work). I also have a hotmail for junk mail, my mocomotion (college) that I can no longer access (thanks to the 'update') and apparently, I still have a account.

I was in my hotmail account, cleaning things up when I saw I had a folder labelled 'Papi' (which means dad), so I opened it and was reading through them. In one he wrote that he couldn't remember my hotmail address and why was I using that, when I still had a shaw account? He also sent me the link and my username and said if I remembered my password, I'd be able to access it from anywhere. So I just tried it and on the first try, I got the password right.

I had some 1200 e-mails in there! Oops. So I've just gone through and read a TON and deleted most and kept a few important ones. I also responded to a few that were at 3 years old. Sorry guys!!