Thursday, December 31, 2009

Christmas Post

Christmas cards galore (made from 12:45 - 3:00 am on Christmas Eve), made for my co-workers:

The Christmas mantle:

Shirley and Jeff at my Christmas party, celebrating Shirley's birthday:

Christmas pictures and decorations:

Nativity set and mini Christmas tree (from the dollar store from before I had a tree):

Lights in Simcoe:

Rob and the Grinch in Simcoe. This is the night that Rob told me he was proposing to Sarah on Christmas Day...then I had to act like I didn't know while I walked around with her!

Here is my assembly line of Christmas cards:

Aren't they cute?

A tree!!! This is my second year having a tree and I love it, it's so beautiful! Don't you think?

Christmas celebrations this year:

On Christmas Eve I went to Wesley Urban Ministries to serve at the Christmas Eve buffet in the evening. It was a really different experience this year. After we served dinner I sat down with one lady that is a regular, her name is Joan, and we talked for probably about an hour about her life and why she comes to WUM. She is one of the most coherent clients there, she is not addicted to anything, she doesn't appear to have any mental instability and she loves God; she's just in a place where she needs a hand. We had a really good conversation and I pray that she saw and felt that she was loved by a complete stranger. On the way home from the dinner, I was waiting at the bus stop in the freezing cold for a bus that I thought would NEVER come. Another client came up with her adult son and struck up a conversation. Every time I've seen this lady in the shelter I've always been weary of her, but she too seemed very normal and is just in need of some love and kindness. She told me all about her daughter and husband who are expecting their third child and live in Vancouver and her son (who was with her), who goes to university. I must admit, I was SO cold (and not prepared for it!) that I don't remember much of our conversation, but I pray that she too was loved. I know that I felt loved that night, in a place where many would feel desolate and abandoned, I saw Jesus in the eyes of those being served and in the hands of those doing the serving. Very cool.

Christmas morning was SO MUCH FUN! I woke up and ran to the tree to unwrap my present from Santa (aka, myself): I got an agenda from Grand & Toy (stationary store). This is no ordinary agenda, this is a leather (well, fake leather) bound, zippered agenda that comes complete with spots for business cards, photos, phone numbers, notes, a zip pouch and a daily calendar (duh). The calendar pages can be replaced each year by buying a refill for about $15. I love it!!!

I also got a ton (not literally) of chocolate from various friends and co-workers, most of which I will attempt to pawn off on others. :P (even though it's very delicious!)

Co-worker Laura gave me some homemade preserves: apple butter and apple liquers (mmm!) and an ornament for my tree.

Co-worker Pam and husband Adam gave me bath towels, a plush bath mat, toothbrush holder and matching soap dish (with two bars of soap) and scissors for crafting.

My dear friend Laurie gave me a sweet ornament with a picture inside and the year '2009' inscribed on it. It's hanging at the front of my tree for all to see!

In the afternoon on Christmas, Jeff, Shirley, Alexander and I went to Shirley's parents place for dinner and also to celebrate her brother Henry's birthday. We had a ton of fun and I think I even improved my sarcasticness (I doubt that's a word). I got to sit by Henry for dinner and learned about his scream-o rock band he's in and also the fact that although he grew up in SW Ontario, he's only been to Niagara Falls twice (and one time he doesn't even remember!), I think I've been there more and I'm a 'newbie'; alas, he's going for NYE (which is tonight, woah). We had a gift exchange and I came home with a delightful chocolate fondue set! Very excited about the fondue set and so I've set a date for Tom and Lauren (who are also in the same family, small world moment!) to come over for dinner...good thing it's in my agenda, because I don't remember the date-pretty sure it's around the 16th ish? We had a really good time and it was so fun to be part of a family for Christmas.

God has blessed me with providing me with so many friends and families who will adopt me as one of their own. I am incredibly thankful.

Boxing Day brought more celebrations, this time with Jeff's mom and again with J+S+A. We drank, played Balderdash, ate dinner, played rock band, ate more good food and I fell asleep before everyone left. Such a party animal.

Christmas may be done but let the festivities continue...

December 25, Rob and Sarah got engaged, yay!!!

December 26, Tom and Lauren got engaged, yay!!!

December 27 was Tyler and Allie's engagement party.

December 28 we worked on T+A's wedding invitations.

December 29 I had Lauren over for a delightful tea and we chatted muchly about the wedding, which they intend to have in August of this year. Wow. We'll be busy! Then I went to Laurie's for the evening and made a lot of cards.

December 30 was wedding dress shopping with Sarah! Her wedding isn't until 2012, but she thinks she found the dress already which is very exciting! Then I went to Laurie's again, because I love her THAT much, and we made many more cards with Miriam and then L and I had a sleepover, woke up and made cards and chatted until nearly 3 pm this afternoon!

December 31 is today and it's new years eve!! And I've just been asked to be a maid of honour in an upcoming wedding.

Right, and I'm going to a party that starts in 8 minutes...I'll be a little late, considering I'm sitting here in my bath towel as I write this and I have about an hour's bus ride ahead of me. Good thing it's freeeee!

Life is wonderful. Life is delightful. Life is beautiful. Life is full.

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