Saturday, November 14, 2009

my world through meg's eyes

So, I just can't fall's nearly 2 am and I'm buzzing. Usually caffeine doesn't have an effect on me, apparently tonight it did. Oops.

Here are some photos from my dear friend Maeghan's camera, snapshots into my life over the last few months: (The order is wonky, I'm not going to fix it)

This is Matt, this is how Matt and I bowl.

This is me. On my 26th birthday. I had a princess party.

Some princesses hold fancy wands (I never understood that), I opted for this lovely bowling ball. Small enough, that I chose to roll two down at a time-and got a strike!

Yes, I did tie princess balloons to my belt and made a tail. So what? (They were trying to embarrass me, but I think I embarrassed them more...except for the moment where I tripped going up the stairs and lost my front of the bowling alley employees).

This is so cool. I am standing on the far side of the street and there is no rain where I am, but on the side where Maeghan is (where my house is), there is rain. There was a beautiful rainbow. I should have posted that picture too.

My friends from small group found one of my notebooks from when I was in grade 3. Here, they are pointing out my love of languages. I would write out words and then circle words within the words.

BAHAHAHAHA. My friend Gen got married and her dress has been stored at my house. So clearly (after the wedding), I just had to try the dress on. This is Kim and I showing that I have a dress, but no ring (also, no guy...). Dear future husband: contrary to these photos, I'm not crazy. At least not the kind that isn't healthy... right???

Finally, my friend Maeghan is an artist. Here she was taking pictures with things in my house. I think she is pretty freaking awesome.

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  1. Thanks for the pictures and the laughs! You go girl!!! :) Hugs!