Sunday, November 15, 2009

FUN weekend!

So this weekend has been tremendous!

I had to go shopping for weddings and since I was going to be near Karen's house, I called and asked if she wanted to join. Not only did she come along, but she picked me up too! We went to Home Outfitters where I got a shower gift for Brandy (and Mike) and a wedding gift for Bethany and (other) Mike.

Shopping was great for many reasons:
This weekend was Customer Appreciation Weekend, so I got an extra 10% off.
The cashier was super helpful and wonderfully friendly.
Karen got to enquire about registering for her upcoming wedding.
My HBC credit card (which gave me the 10% discount) had been inactive for so long, that they had to reactivate it and gave me extra coupons and money off! It pays off to not use your credit cards... :)

Then we went to Starbucks and got coffee (that would've been the coffee that kept me up until past 2 am on Saturday morning...).

After drinking our fancy drinks, we wandered into Chapters and found a $2 craft book! Yay for sales!

That was all pretty awesome, and then I came home and stayed up ridiculously late posting blogs and creating a dream wish list of stamping supplies.

Got up really early, especially considering the late night (which ended only 4.5 hours before) to babysit the adorable munchkins who live upstairs. Tysen, who almost always calls me "Mom-uhm-Niki" told me that he got a new "pellow and blanklet', so we went to his room so he could show me; when I asked about his 'new' (it had been washed, apparently making it new) pillow, he told me that "yes, it is very cozy". HAHA. He's 3 and cute. Our babysitting morning consisted of feeding a 1 year old and a 3 year old their breakfast, getting changed and going to the park (note: do NOT go to parks that early, their is still much dew on the slides...ugh wet pants!), collecting leaves and pinecones, coming home and drawing pictures:

having the older one fall off the couch and hurt his head, let them watch a movie and feeding them lunch. Busy morning. Alana came home just after 12:30 from her craft bazaar.

In the afternoon I unsuccessfully attempted to do some cleaning, but quickly gave up and went over to Karen's. We made supper for ourselves and her friends and baked a delicious carrot cake (that they probably think was from scratch...) and when dessert was being served I said the most embarrassing thing I have EVER said (and that's saying something) (keep in mind I had just met some of these people):

(putting out Swiss chocolate)
Niki: if anyone has nuts, don't eat this
CousinPete: um, I have nuts

OH MY WORD...I couldn't stop laughing and yet I was sooooo horrified. I definitely meant if anyone has AN ALLERGY TO nuts. CP had a totally straight face and everyone was laughing and looking at me weird, but it took me just a little bit longer to realize what I had said was not what I had intended...!!

Then, we went to a Bulldogs hockey game and back to Karen's place for games and a sleepover.

Got up and made pancakes for breakfast and then to church.

Church was awesome, we've just started this new series on the Names of God. Today we learned about YAHWEH and how the Israelites didn't want to use the Lord's name in vain, so they didn't actually speak it and the name YAHWEH is what scholars believe was the name of God, but no one can be sure, because they chose not to speak it. Interesting, for sure. I think I'll listen to the sermon again online this week. Lately it's been harder for me to focus during the services and I find I'm forgetting much of the sermon part way through the week, if not sooner.

After the sermon, Joan and I rushed out to a bridal shower for my friend Brandy and it was such a great shower, so well done! My dearest Laura opened the door and I probably screamed right in her ear, I had no idea she'd be in town for the shower, since her and Josh are living in Q.City now, so that was a wonderful surprise! I won a couple games and learned some new ones for future showers...Allie, Cindy, Amanda... :)

I got home about 5 o'clock, had a relaxing bath and have been attempting to tidy up my craft area for the last 3 hours. There's a lot here, wow! I also made 6 cards and wrote 2, so it's been rather productive as well.

Time to get something to eat...just about 9:30 pm, wow!!



  1. wow, I'm tired just from reading all you did! Or maybe because I need to go and sleep more :)

  2. i gotta admit, i didn't read this whole post, but the part at the beginning about "(other) mike" made me laugh. i'm trying to get caught up in the world of niki since i had to shamefacedly admit the other day to not reading your blog :) i know, i know, no hard feelings. still...!

    anyway, love, have a wonderful night.
    skype mmmyes?