Sunday, August 30, 2009


I came home from an afternoon with friends and found my sink filled to the brim with water, but thankfully none on the floor. It's amazing what a little 'drip drip drip' will do between 9 am and 5 pm. Thankfully I got home just in time.

Danger averted.

THEN... (rolls eyes at my irresponsibility) I lit a bunch of candles on my mantel, which is also where I have a number of pamphlets highlighting fair trade. I was (or so I thought) smart enough to have put all the pamphlets behind something to keep them from falling over, initially so that I wouldn't keep picking them up off the floor and in retrospect, to keep them from falling on burning candles. Well, I went outside with the candles burning inside, to put out some garbage and when I came back inside I smelt burning, but thought it was the smell of my vacuum cleaner which often smells rank (since Charles used it to vacuum out his boat a couple years ago...I know, I know, I need a new one!). Not this time, this time a paper had fallen on a candle, thankfully it had created enough of a gust of wind to oust the flame before the paper caught fire, but the smoke burned a little spot on the paper.

My landlords aren't home this weekend...could you imagine if they came home to either a flooded or burnt basement? I don't think the candle would've caused the whole house to go up in flames, but who knows?

Yikes. I guess I'm not ready to own my own house.

In other news, my lovely friend Maeghan bought me flowers 2 weeks ago and I still have (some of) them! :)


  1. One candle could start a fire that could burn up a whole house. Always keep candles well away from anything that could catch fire.
    You've been lucky twice there. :)

  2. if you had let the sink overflow, the water would have put out the candles...
    I'm just sayin'