Sunday, August 16, 2009

merrily driving along...SMASH

So there I am, merrily driving along home when all of a sudden I'm my emotions. I was fine until I started singing along to the sappy love songs on the radio and realized in a month it'll be two years since Charles and I broke up. Since I dumped the man I thought was 'so perfect for me'. If I hadn't dumped him, we likely would've been married this summer.

But dump him I did. And cry, I did.

After wiping away the tears and saying goodbye to friends, I make it in the house to see a light flashing on my answering machine-yay a message!

From his mother, 'a voice from the past' she says. She's just calling to say hi, there's no obligation for me to call back, she hopes I'm doing well and all those kind things. It's sweet of her to care, but I'm in no place to want any more of a relationship with voices from the past.

My relationship with them (should've) ended when I dumped their son, because the only reason I knew them was because I was dating their son. They are really nice people and had I met them in church first, I would've loved to have kept in contact (although if I had met them first I definitely wouldn't have had a chance at dating their goes my history of crushes anyhow). But the fact is, I didn't. C&C, you are WONDERFUL people, really. I'm thankful for all you have done for me and you're outpouring of love but please, no Christmas present this year, no birthday cards and no more phone calls. My heart can't handle it.

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