Sunday, August 16, 2009


I've realized that I absolutely love to clean. A few weeks ago a group of us went to a friends' house to help her clean because she was feeling overwhelmed by the mess and her family was away so it was a perfect opportunity to get a deep clean and start with the de-cluttering. I was there 3 days.

Three days after that another friend asked for help and so we cleaned her bedroom and really got a good handle on things.

Yesterday was cleaning day in my house. I washed the walls of my bathroom and scrubbed top to bottom (or side to side). I felt so accomplished, and I enjoyed it! I loved doing the laundry and hanging it outside to dry. I loved finding more things to give to charity and hanging up posters that have been in a corner since I moved into this apartment-last October (there's a reason for that, maybe another post?)!

I also discovered a simple tip to avoid getting too much water behind the taps in my bathroom (the sink is a stand alone basin that has crevices that water accumulates in and makes it hard to clean)...wash your hands, dry your hands and THEN turn off the taps. Brilliant. So simple.

It's probably a little weird that I love cleaning so much, but it's a good thing since it's also a necessary thing. If you need a hand with de-cluttering and cleaning, give me a call, really. Can't promise I'll be available, but I like to help when I can.

Off to work on DreamLAUNCHTM.


  1. If you were out here, K. could use decluttering, me too I guess, but I do it on an ongoing basis. Can't get rid of too much all at once. Besides, I still have some of your's and your brother's things here, oh, and your brother :P
    It is a good thing that you like to do something that's necessary.

  2. thanks so much for all the great work you guys did here!!! It was so wonderful to have a spotless main floor for a week!! It didn't last after the kids got home... witch sucked... I don't want anyone dropping by anytime soon...

    Hugs, Miss you!!