Sunday, May 10, 2009

turning into my mom

What a great day for me to turn into my mom... mother's day.

First of all, Happy Mother's Day!!

Why am I turning into my mom you ask?  My mom posts many videos about being aware of what Muslims are doing around the world and what role we as Christians need to take to stand against the tide.  I haven't followed much of these videos or links, partly out of fear and partly out of ignorance.

I just watched a bunch of videos and read articles this morning that SCARE THE LIVING HELL OUT OF ME.  Not that I'm going to live in fear, but I am going to stop turning a blind eye to this.

If you're interested, search Muslim Demographics on YouTube and educate yourself.  Learn about Harold Koh and how Obama has suggested appointing him to be senior legal counsel in Obama's administration-and how he would like to see the differences between US Law and International Law abolished... sounds good UNTIL you learn that "in an appropriate case, he didn't see any reason why shar'ia law would not be applied to govern a case in the United States."  Seriously?

oh my.


  1. Thank you and I'm proud of you!! You don't need to live in fear, shaking like a leaf each day, to be aware of what's happening. I do think though that's why many people don't want to know. I think I'll have dinner with your brother and skip the "adults only" dinner. Phhhttt..... :)
    Love ya!!

  2. Make sure you don't generalize all Muslims into one category :)