Saturday, May 02, 2009

one very productive day!

It's been a while since I've posted anything of substance (?) lately and so I thought I'd take some time out of my very productive day to write about recent happenings.

Some friends and I went for a walk... and we came across chalk writings on our path.  It looked as though someone was writing out a love note to their significant other on their typical route to work... so cute!!!

"I am your proud little monkey" was what tipped us off :)

One of many hearts and notes written on the sidewalk.

This is Matt.

This is Jade.

This was a plaque.

Not a word of a lie, this may be beautiful but I am so glad it's gone.

I am finally (I think) satisfied with the updated forms for tellering at church.  As most of you know, I'm in charge of the counting of the offering at our church and with some recent changes we needed to update our teller forms... we began talking about it last fall, finally came up with something (it wasn't even me, it was our Envelope Steward) in January and I think I've finally tweaked it to the point that I'm happy with it and all our tellers will work with it, with few complaints.  (here's hoping at least).  That may seem so insignificant, but that is such a huge weight off my shoulders and I just finished it about 5 minutes ago. wahoo.

Our friend Tyler had a birthday.  I had a Winnie the Pooh cake pan...

This is Kim and I very excited to have actually made it look somewhat like Winnie!

The guys pointed out that the holes where the candles had been made it look like poor Winnie had been shot at!
Most importantly, Tyler enjoyed himself.

Today I went on a crazy cleaning spree in my apartment and I now have the coolest (and cleanest) 'under the stairs' hang out. Ever. Really.  I have a storage area under my stairs and when I moved in last October I didn't really have time to sort things out and as I was putting things away in there, I noticed that the previous homeowners had left some stuff, but I didn't bother taking it out.  So instead I just threw more and more stuff in and would often hurt myself moving around in there since there was hardly any space.  I should've taken a before picture but I didn't.  Here are the 'after' pictures.  For those of you who have seen my place, you'll know what an improvement this is!

Storage side with everything in its place, including a shelf for charity items, a shelf for cleaning supplies, a corner for seasonal items and room for easy access to luggage.
And this is what I'm most excited about... my new prayer corner/quiet space.

Also, the Canucks are playing game 2 of round 2 tonight and they are leading the series 1-0 and at last check they were leading the Blackhawks 2-0 in the second period.  I love my Canucks, even if I'm only following them through facebook status updates and the radio.

At the beginning of April a group of us went to see the Newsboys.  

Also, our church has a bus so a 'group' can be more than just a carpool now.
Since our awesome friend Cindy drives the bus for us!
This is Matt's preferred method of travel, apparently.

The seating was almost all open seating, so it was on a 'first come, first serve' basis and well, we were not very early.  So we ended up sitting about 10 rows from the back of a hall that had approximately 120 rows.  For the first three bands we watched from afar and during the break right before the Newsboys, Wendy, Cindy, Tyler and I decided to wander up to the Artist Circle seating (a reserved section for higher-paying concertgoers) to see if we could see our friends (the lead pastor and family at my church) just to say hi.  There was absolutely no security, so we walked right up and said hello.  As the house lights went down, we said we were going to head back and then they and the event organizer (who happens to be best friends with our lead pastor) said "why not stay?"  We weren't sure if we were allowed, but if they were going to tell us to stay, stay we would.  So yeah, we were front row. At the Newsboys. For $17.-  It was awesome.  Here are a few pictures.  Oh! And they did their 'twirly drum kit' thing they do.  Aaand... Newsboys is completely different now.  Phil Joel and Peter Furler are no longer with the band but guess who is?! Michael Tait... yeah, of DC Talk. Awesome.  They should be "News Talk" or "DC Boys".  They even did music from both bands... it was a really great show.

Jeff Frankenstein.
Michael Tait, new lead singer.  Incredible stage presence.
At one point in the show they had a long runway that went out to the middle of the audience, so that those people could have a closer view.  We all were very impressed by that.
Drum kit!  If I ever figure out how to post video... I'll post the one of the twirling drum kit... quite the feat (includes a seat belt for the drummer, who drums an amazing solo the whole time!)
I just love the looks on their faces.
I think Jeff (nicknamed Babyface by Tait) ALWAYS smiles.
A little blurry, but still a cool shot.
And here's Tait, worming his way across the walk, while singing.
Worship was integral to the evening.
The "NEW" boys.  DC Boys?

Update:  Chicago Blackhawks scored, with 9 minutes left in the 2nd period.

Also recently my friend Robyn had a stampin up party at my house...

Robyn and friends.

And a birthday card I made that I was quite proud of.

I am reading many books right now and in fact, should be reading them RIGHT NOW for my part-time job... I need key characteristics of a team player, so if you have any suggestions, please post a comment. Much appreciated.  Off to read some more.

This was full of photos, hope you enjoyed it... took quite the while to do this post.  Long time... mmm. good memories of the last month.


  1. Wow, I've been absent from the blogs for awhile, I've missed this 'till today. I took some time to read up on my fave blogs. You make beautiful cards. Keep enjoying it.

  2. Characteristics of a Team Player:
    1. Avoid judgment of other players.
    2. Be responsible.
    3. Encourage the other players (builds a better team).
    4. Be open to other ideas.
    5. Be mature (no whining).
    6. Respect the values of the other players.
    7. Handle conflict right away, don't let it bubble.

    That's my 2 cents (even though it looks like more than just 2!).

    Visit my blog:

  3. for point #1, I meant avoid judging other players. I think you knew what I meant, though!)

  4. and my new blog's name is

    (sorry for making so many comments)