Saturday, April 18, 2009

relationship observations

Mami always said that it seemed like all the decent guys would get taken by not very nice women (a huge understatement of her actual wording).  Today on the bus I saw just one example of this... an extremely rude and abrasive woman and the kindest, most gentle man.  True, I have no idea what the circumstances were and I only observed for about 10 minutes... but it was enough for my heart to break for this guy.  As he looked at her you could see the love in his eyes and in hers, venom.  It's interesting to note because so often the men are the detached in the relationship and the women the relational ones.  It made me sad for him and I prayed that today was an 'off day' and that she is in love with him half as much as he seemed to be.

It's interesting how much you can tell through someone's eyes.

Tonight while sitting downstairs, Tysen (toddler that lives upstairs) had a temper tantrum and after unsuccessfully getting him to quieten down, his dad slammed the door and has been gone for the last 2-1/2 hours.  I don't know where he went, maybe he had a meeting.  Or, maybe he did what I experienced growing up... he couldn't handle it, so he left.  I'm so glad I'm not married, because I would not be able to handle that.  My heart broke for Alana as she dealt with two crying boys and her husband was gone.  So many married women seem to be single mothers.

Keep in mind, I don't know what the stories behind what I saw were... but what I saw (and heard) made me sad and yet content, to be single.


  1. I look forward to being married someday, but the more I see in other people's relationships the more content I am to be single...relationships are difficult and it seems like so many people struggle to just survive in them. The rewards can be amazing and substantial, but it takes a lot of work and commitment.

  2. It takes some selfcontrol, respect and being considered and not selfish. I feel for Alana, reading this.
    Life can be tough and we should try to help each other instead of making it tougher. Hurting people tend to hurt others. Beneath a lot of anger lies hurt. We live in a hurting world. I know, because I've been hurt and see others hurting. I've sometimes hurt others too. I try not to lash out and am much quieter and milder than I used to be.