Saturday, March 07, 2009

not a student and yet, still an A+ in procrastination

Today I had planned to work on DreamLAUNCH, a project that I'm working on with a company called Youth Unlimited. One thing I had planned today (aside from my driver's ed) and guess what?

Today I:

  • learned to parallel park
  • went shopping (and driving) with my friend Cindy
  • cleaned my bathroom
  • packed bags for charity
  • cleaned my kitchen
  • filed 3 years worth of paperwork
  • cleaned my floors
  • changed my bedding
  • did 2 loads of laundry
  • read a FOTF magazine
  • watched the latest episode of Survivor on YT
  • talked to my mom
  • responded to numerous e-mails and messages
  • finally moved my computer back to my room
  • printed teller schedules
  • uploaded pictures
and I haven't (yet):
  • read my Bible
  • done my DreamLAUNCH
  • prepared meeting notes for our Tellers Meeting I'm having on Monday
Why is it so hard to do a few simple things? It's true that the other things (most of them) needed to get done (Survivor wasn't a need, and other things (FOTF mag) could've waited), but why wait until I have a deadline for other things?

I am such a great procrastinator, it's ridiculous. I really want to focus, but unless a deadline is looming I don't do well.

Which is a wonder that I graduated from Thomas Haney (self-paced high school) on time. Granted, my grade 12 year was a year of craziness-18 classes (many of which were carry-overs, so not 18 FULL course loads, but still), student council, Grade 12 MVP for rugby, choir, youth impact team, grad committee... the list goes on. And my MAIN motivation for graduating was the other two youth from church in my grade, Joe and Andrew, (who went to rival school, Garibaldi) teased me that I'd never graduate on time. I showed them, and honour roll to boot (mind you, it helped that I didn't take anything like Bio, Chem, Physics, Calculus, or other such ridiculous classes).

I try to trick myself into thinking that my deadline is sooner than it really is, but obviously (I'm blogging, aren't I?) it never works.


  1. wow...when I'm procrastinating, I usually just watch a movie or read a book - you get busier than you'd be otherwise. You are crazy.

  2. That list of things you did was more than many people would do in a day, don't beat yourself up. You did very well. I find deadlines are my motivators. Things that don't have a deadline per say, I often leave much too long; like answering letters for example. I used to love writing letters, before reality hit home. :P