Monday, March 09, 2009


Today I received two job postings, AWESOME job postings, postings that are exactly what I want to do.

First was one for the Baptist Convention of Ontario and Quebec, Admin Assistant to the Executive Director. Hello, ministry!

Second was for school secretaries for the Hamilton-Wentworth SB, exactly what I want.

Today was a ridiculously rough day at work AND I felt sick, so I went home early.

And to top it all off, the sermon yesterday was (in a nutshell) about not falling for satan's temptations when it God's triumphs that are yet to come. Basically, satan will often give us a counterfeit option just before the real thing-the right thing at the wrong time in the wrong way. A great example is how satan tempted Christ to become ruler of the world by 'merely' bowing down and worshipping satan just this once-and it could all be his. Whereas Christ was going to become ruler anyways but involved rejection, a cross and the weight of the world's sin. Christ HAS triumphed in the right time in the right way-although satan tried to trick him into believing he could have it all, without the cross.

So two job postings, err AMAZING job opportunities and yet I've committed (albeit to myself) to remain at G8 for 5 years to build up my resume and money for my future home.

I'm so confused.


  1. Who says you can't still apply for those jobs. Even if you decide that after going through the process you don't want them and would rather stay put, it'll be well worth the experience.

  2. I was also gonna say apply for them, and see what happens from there. Because you could build up 5 years as a secretary in a school :P (and then add on more years of course).

  3. I was going to suggest quitting your job and joining the circus, but now I'm thinking that's not a good suggestion. You're more of a county fair type of person anyway.