Sunday, January 25, 2009

Sanctuary Winter Photoshoot

Sanctuary ladies, from l-r:  Lauren, Amanda, Laurie, Bethany, Miriam and yours truly

All photo edit crediting goes to Laurie

And photo taking goes to Lauren (and her tripod)

Just hanging around in a snowy field on a Saturday morning.

I must've already thrown my snow... 


  1. I hope I can still post some of these pictures myself. It was a great photoshoot and deserves some publicity for sure!! :)
    Stay tuned for information on an Arts and Awareness evening I'm hoping we can hold to raise some awareness on trafficking & slavery, and to sell some of our art to raise some more money for IJM!!

  2. PS: I love your blog's facelift.
    Green, I'm learning, is a favourite colour of mine.

  3. Love the photos! Just enjoy your days off! Oh, I just learned that Dany and Natasha are getting married on May 23.