Wednesday, November 12, 2008

so I've posted more than 400 times ...

This will be post 402 since October 2005. That is equated to me blogging approximately once every 2.798 days. That's a little excessive.

But hey, not gonna stop me.

Tonight I bought some books at a Christian bookstore that is closing out:
  • Blue Like Jazz
  • Captivating
  • Justice in the Burbs
  • The Scandal of the Evangelical Conscience
I'm also currently reading:
  • The Mitford series (on book 3 of 8)
  • Becoming a God Magnet
  • Lost in the Mirror
And have recently finished:
  • Beauty by the Book
  • When Necessary Use Words
And finally, much anticipating also reading:
  • The Overload Syndrome
  • Things We Couldn't Say
  • Falling For God
  • What Your Childhood Memories Say About You
  • Women of Worth
So many books, not enough time. Probably because I spend so much of it blogging.

Today at the bookstore I ran into some friends. I was looking at some Christmas ornaments and looked up and recognized the top of one of my friends' heads, LAURIE! So we hugged and chatted and walked around and I helped her find books (go figure). Then we went over to the music section and WENDY! Then as we're paying for our purchases, Bre (Wendy's sister-in-law) walks in with her two kids. Mitchell Family Books was the place to be on a Wednesday night, I'm telling you.

Then I came home, had dinner, went to the pastor's (who's on holidays with the family), fed the fish and brought in the mail, walked to the pharmacy and ran into another acquaintance (fellow bus traveler). Finally got home, did my homework for a 2-day course I'm taking through work, had my nightly routine and now I'm ready to crawl into bed ... forget about the piles of paper and the dishes and the clothes strewn about in my room, or the massive list of things to do I wrote down yesterday at the end of my shift ... it'll all get done. Eventually.

Oh right, and I came home to an e-mail from a well-meaning and very sweet lady who told me about a young single man at her church. She told me to pray about it and I'm trying, but frankly all I want to do is find the nearest convent (Mississauga as best as I can find) and enroll. 

*side note* I did just read about convents ... and they're starting to appeal to me. I think I should go to bed before I make some hasty or rash decision about anything on a lack of sleep.


  1. I don't know, I think a black full body robe with a white trimmed headpiece would be a good look for you...?

  2. That would certainly make Grossmami deliriously happy; is Grossvati working on that from the other side do you think?
    Believe me, convents aren't necessarily retreats from the world. Besides all the mundane tasks like cooking, laundry, dishes etc. you also have to live in this big community of nuns with all their characteristics and idiosyncrasies and you will not suddenly like everyone.
    Good thing I'm not hounding you to find someone, ANYONE :) I just want you to be happy and I pray that God's will be done in your life. If it's marriage, then I pray that you'll meet the right man and that he'll be wonderful.
    There's no guaranty that life will be easy, no matter what. Even the "right" man isn't going to be perfect.
    Of course, you have two big bros who can make sure he's nice to you:)
    Then there's always the motivation behind matchmaking. Is it to find a nice guy for the girl or to find a nice girl for the guy?
    Well, you never know. God often surprises people. Look at what He accomplished through Mother Theresa's willing and obedient heart.
    Just relax. Sleep sounds good. XO