Saturday, November 29, 2008

odd ...

Okay, so I got the pashmina/tablecloth (see post below) gift today. I'm fairly convinced by now that it's a pashmina scarf and not a tablecloth-mostly because I don't think many tablecloths are made of silk.

So, I am not a fashionista AT ALL... so I figured since there's a website for absolutely everything, I would try to find something on google. I don't know if you've used google lately, or if it's just if you have a google account that this happens, but when you start to type something, it suggests things you might be looking for. If you start to type in "REST", it may assume you're looking for restaurants, and will come up with a number of selections, such as:

"restaurants in Hamilton, Ontario"
"restaurants near Toronto, Ontario"
"restaurants, italian"

etc. It struck me as odd that when I typed things in it would know where I was (which leads me to believe it has something to do with my login) or more strangely, what I was looking for.

I opened google to type "how to wear a pashmina" (seriously, I need that much help ... le sigh). When I first started typing "how to" the suggestion was "how to tie a tie", well obviously not, but as soon as I typed "how to w" one of the suggestions was "How to Wear a Pashmina". RIDICULOUS.

I could have wanted a number of things...

How to write morse code
How to walk like an egyptian 
How to winterize your home

or, how to wear any number of other things. But seriously, it suggests a pashmina?

I'm not one for conspiracy theories, but this is a little too weird.


  1. Well...

    You did JUST post a blog earlier about wearing a pashmina.

    On your blog.

    Which is hosted by google.


  2. Good call Shannon. Phew, I thought I was going crazy. Thanks ... apparently I can put pieces of a puzzle together on a Saturday afternoon.

    Thanks for the links, Sahota!

  3. until this moment, I had never heard of Pashmina, and in my mind it should be impossible to mix up a scarf and a tablecloth, leading me to believe that...girls are weird.

  4. I've never heard of a pashmina before. I guess you didn't learn lots of fashion tips from me :P
    Gimme jeans and runners, maybe a dress on a warm summer day.
    Now I'll have to check out what that thing looks like.