Saturday, November 29, 2008

dear friend

Dear friend who left a beautiful gift on my doorstep:

I don't know if your gift is a pashmina, or a tablecloth. Clearly, I am not as well versed in fashion (or possibly, home decor) as you.

However, I shall attempt to wear this beautiful article tomorrow to church. If you are there, I hope I do not embarrass you. If it is in fact a pashmina, YAY-I've done right. If it's a tablecloth, please, just let me have my morning of wearing a tablecloth in public to myself and discreetly drop me a note at a later date (preferably before next time I go out in public, which will be Tuesday at an office Christmas party).

Also, if it is a tablecloth and I can pull it off nicely, would you mind saving me the embarrassment and just acknowledging that even my wacky (incorrect) sense of fashion sometimes works? Thanks.

I sincerely hope it's a pashmina, I've always wanted one.

Also, thank you. It's gorgeous!

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