Tuesday, September 09, 2008

niki says...

Alright, sleep is good but blogging is better? Probably not, I'll regret this in morning, so I'll try and keep it short.

September is here. This is a ridiculous month. I just counted 60 birthdays of people I know in September. SIXTY. Ridiculous. Plus J&L are getting married September 27 (which also happens to be Jared's, Eliane's, Alanna's and Papa's birth-day). We gain possession September 26...move in the following week. We're going to look at the house a week tomorrow (YAY!). Laura S at work is on holidays for one more week.

Crazy. How do I know 60 people born in one month? Same way I know 4 people (off the top of my head) that share my birthday, I guess.

In other news, I visited Robyn&Jason tonight and that was a lot of fun. They have a Wii Fit console/game and ohmygosh. Awesome. AAAAND, I got to play Sonic the Hedgehog. Seriously I wish they lived closer-guess where I'll be going after work??

Finally, I booked myself an appointment with an eye doctor-October 18, woohoo. Because my life is so ridiculously full I couldn't get the 27th (wedding) or the 4th (Springvale/Simcoe weekend with Jenny), the next is my birthday/Thanksgiving weekend ... how is life so full? HOW???

I need to go snort water up my nose to clean out my sinuses. yummy. (ick)


  1. Seriously I don't think that I know 60 people's birthdays let alone 60 people with birthdays in the same month.

  2. Ever wonder if being sick is one of God's more pleasant ways to remind you to slow down and take a breather every now and then?

  3. September 27th is also my mother's and my boss's birthday.
    Both my sisters birthdays are also in September.

    That line about the water snorting? Gross.

    Just sayin'..

  4. I thought the snort line was funny. Now you know even more Sept. b-days, way to go. It's true, if we do too much, we end up getting sick, so we have to slow down.
    Clarine, at church, broke her leg, while playing a Wii game. Umm, your bro broke his arm today, at work, trying to right a motorcycle on the tow-flat-deck.

  5. We have lots of birthdays in September too.. too many cold winters!!

    Thanks so much for coming to visit!! We love having you over

    btw, I just ordered $100 in more stamps and paper to play around with. I also have many more ideas for those wonderful invites we are going to work on!