Saturday, September 13, 2008


There's nothing quite like waking to the sound of the pitter-patter of young children's feet. Unfortunately, my wake-up calls aren't usually so delicate. For one, they're not mine, and secondly it's usually the sound of my landlord's 2 year old son running back and forth from his room to the kitchen, in the hallway that just happens to be right above my bed. At 7 am on a Saturday morning. After I stayed up until midnight baby-sitting him and packing my apartment.

In two weeks today, we will be getting up to celebrate Josh&Laura's wedding - wow. I love these guys, they're amazing.

This is the picture I got when they announced their engagement. Josh just LOVES to have his picture taken.

This was Easter earlier this year, celebrating Good Friday at Josh' parents house.

I guess I shouldn't blame Josh for all the bad pictures...although neither seem to interested in making this one work. Maybe because Mrs. Sell, Brandy & I all had our cameras out-wha? we like to document things.

Today I'm going to Toronto to see Monty Python's Spamalot with another friend named Laura, my former landlord. I'm really looking forward to seeing this and enjoying some girly-time with Laura.

Then, we come back and stop in Mississauga on our way to visit Dave, show Laura his apartment and all come back to Hamilton together.

Tonight I'll be helping Dave and some of the other set-up crew get set the church up for tomorrow's Nehemiah series. Not really sure what we're doing, but I heard something about putting a tent up in the middle of church? I must confess I don't recall the story of Nehemiah, so that's another thing I'd like to do-read it. I'm not sure how long it is, so I don't know how ambitious (or ridiculous) I'm being.

The girls also want to go to Infusion coffeehouse tonight, across from Gore Park. Depending when they go, when we're done and if I have any more energy (or money), I might go. Or not. I mean, I want to ... I'm just a 'little' booked today.

And I'd like to get some more packing in. I really need a lot more boxes. How did I acquire So.Much.Stuff?? Yikes. I guess when you finally plant yourself somewhere and don't move for a few years, that happens. We will be moving 2 weeks short of my 3 year anniversary in Hamilton and just 3 months short of me living in this home. Finally, some stability in my life (because of past decisions I seemed to always be doing things for short term, my own choices).

And I guess now that I'm up so early I can go and enjoy a big, hearty breakfast. Mmm, bacon&eggs - except I'm out of bacon. So, eggs and toast it is! mmm, I just remembered I have orange marmalade. Two thoughts about that:  1) do jams and marmalades EVER go bad? and 2) is it true that marmalades are usually eaten by little old ladies?


  1. No. Marmalade is not 'usually' eaten by little old ladies. Lots of people enjoy marmalade. Even big, hairy, strapping testosterone-filled men.

    Yes, they can go bad. Everything expires.. even chewed bubblegum has a lifespan (estimated at roughly 535 years before it begins to break down). Remember..(without getting too theological here) the only thing that lasts forever is God.

    Infusions - great place when it's not crowded. Be sure to check out the fish under the floating tables. (a table or two up on a small riser).. most people miss the fish. They can be hard to see depending on the lighting. You're looking about 5-6$ for a drink, remember it's a cafe. If you sit by the fireplace, be ready to shed some layers. It's a great place.
    I can't recall the price of a toasted bagel w/smoked meat though..

    Nehemah is only 13 pages/capters/scrolls. Relatively short. You'll be fine.

  2. It's nice to have a helpful man around.
    With all that sugar, it takes a looooooong time for jam and marmalade to go bad, sometimes they turn into 'fruit leather', if enough moisture evaporates. Your dad has always liked marmalade, your mom, never.
    How was Spamalot?

  3. either the three of us girls were blind, or infusions is no longer there...
    so instead, we were sketchified by the darkness of the city at night. you think city lights are bright, but they don't shine into all the corners. i guess you have to know it to love it. (not that i don't love the city - i do. i just love it more when i feel safe.)
    so yeah.
    you missed out on very little.