Sunday, August 24, 2008

Veruecktes Maitli, indeed! (crazy girl)

So after two nights of caring for hundreds of children (Saturday there were definitely 200), I thought Sunday was going to be a little calmer. ha! I should know myself by now.

First, today was supposed to include the following:  tellering, baby dedication at church, bridal shower. Instead I got someone to cover the tellering and was going to miss AJ's dedication to go to the bridal shower. Then, (so many changes) I called Laura and decided to not go to Waterloo for the shower as it was going to be very complicated and I really didn't want to miss AJ's dedication. It's too bad I had to miss the shower, but I'm sure I'll see tons of pictures or at the very least, hear lots of stories! ;)

So... today was meant to be a day off of tellering, AJ's dedication and then an afternoon with AJ's parents, Jeff&Shirley, Dan and myself. Well ... J&S asked if we could come to my house instead as they had a sick puppy and so I said "sure!" (which I really did mean, I love having people over). Before I realized it, J&S, Dan, Jen&Paul and Kyle were coming over too. Then the Ross' called and the four of them came over. So I cooked a roast for dinner. And wonderful Ashley R. brought an ice cream cake for dessert that we used to celebrate Dan's birthday.

What an afternoon. It was glorious though! Just what I needed, but now I really need bed... good night all.


  1. WOW, do you ever get bored? I'm exhausted just from reading about your day. :)

  2. So weird that you're friends with my family.