Saturday, August 23, 2008

I knew I was crazy ...

Last week my friend Daniel called to see if I was interested in helping babysit children at some conferences this weekend (Friday in Oakville; Saturday in Toronto). I asked how many to which I got the reply 'about 200', then I decided I should ask how many people were helping, to which I got the reply 'not sure yet, my friends Dave&Sarah are organizing it and we need as much help as we can get.

Yeah, no kidding. So last night I went straight from work to Wendy's house and we immediately drove to Oakville with Nick and Dan (following me?) and no sooner had I volunteered to do registration, did the children coming running up to the table, we still had no idea what to do with age groups and stickers/coloured jewels (meant to divvy up ages, didn't really work) or a few other things. It was very hectic, but the night went without incident. Which is a huge answer to prayer, because honestly, there were times we didn't know where kids were, parents came looking and everyone's response was 'I don't actually know...' (then they would chase after another run away), a child puked on Wendy's foot because he was crying so much and the nursery floor is caked in play-doh.  All that said, we are competent-really. We just had a staff of 10 people for about 120 children. I'm surprised the parents actually left their kids with us. And then at the end, they ALL got back to their parents. Incredible.

Tonight we get to do it again. Thankfully though we'll be there about 3 hours early, instead of 2 minutes and we discussed things that need to change. We're also expecting a lot more volunteers.


And I got home at 1 am from all that, and within 6 hours I was wide awake. ugh. So I guess that gives me a lot of time to clean, make lunch and do other Saturday-type errands.


  1. sounds like fun...except for the puking bit. Good luck tonight!

  2. I'd agree that you had a moment of craziness or two, not that I'd call you crazy, noooooooooo.
    Hope you had fun too. Verruecktes Maitli!

  3. We weren't competent.. not really. Just blessed out the wazoo by the gracious Lord God Almighty.

    Or maybe I was the only non-competent one there.. no clue what I was doing half the time. 8P