Monday, June 23, 2008!

I feel a little guilty writing about the rest I can now enjoy, knowing full well that my parents have not had much of an opportunity to recover from their visit. I've gone back to work, and I haven't slowed down much, per se-I'm still active (as usual), but for some reason I feel much more rested.

I've decided/committed to...
  • Making lunch the night before
  • Only using the computer at nighttime
  • Finding Bible verses that help me find my identity in Christ
  • Put aside $ I would use to eat out/buy useless things for Plan Canada
  • Write to my friends at camp
  • Use my prayer corner more often
  • Try my hand at a few new recipes
  • Write more encouragement notes
  • Take more time for me and God and for me to R.E.S.T!
Today I...
  • Brought a homemade lunch!
  • Wrote to a friend who is away at camp
  • Washed my dishes (2x!)
  • Finished reading Beauty by the Book (Nancy Stafford)
  • Saw my friend Dave for a quick visit
  • Read my Bible
  • Learned that Bill Gates earns my yearly salary in 30 seconds
  • Broke out in a massive rash
  • Cleaned my bathroom floor
  • Updated my portfolio (no, no... I'm not switching jobs)
  • Smiled. A lot.
I'm currently enjoying a cup of coffee, good worship music, and making piles to test out my new shredder! :) My parents brought me a shredder from home and now I can shred letters and envelopes with my personal information-Mami is pretty adamant that I don't put anything like that in the garbage.

Next, it's time to the pay bills and then bedtime. Going to start reading a book I got for grad from my friend LaurY. But first, pictures! ...

Or not, never mind. Blogger is not co-operating, so pictures will have to wait. If you're on my facebook, you can look at some of my pictures up there. :)

love. niki.


  1. We had a great time, the only thing we needed to recover from, was the tiredness, that stemmed from our lack of sleep before we even left for Hamilton.
    Also a boring return flight, you were missing. :)
    You're awesome. XO

  2. Hi Bub... yeah I tend to break out in a rash too, everytime I think about how much this guy "earns"....