Thursday, June 19, 2008


It feels so good to be home.

You know, in all the stress of the last two weeks ... car accident, funeral, my brother ... I'm feeling unbelievably calm and at peace about everything. God really showed up in huge ways, and for that I'm incredibly thankful.

I look back and think:

  • I met my super cute nephew.
  • I saw a lot of friends that I hadn't seen in a long time (Katie!!)
  • Laughed a LOT ("I'm one!" <--virgin, during the game of Taboo...)
  • Saw my youth kids (many times)
  • Watched (very proudly) as 5 youth from my church graduated high school (extra yay for Beth & Meg who I've known for 12+ years)
  • Enjoyed company with amazing women who have counseled and prayed with me over the years.
  • Spent a whole day with my Nana!
  • Hung out, for a couple days, at the home of a family from church with the world's cutest kids.
  • Didn't think about work more than once.

I could go on-but this is just to show that God is SO good. In times of despair and incredible loss, I can rejoice and say that God is good.

All that rejoicing aside, we must still pray for my brother! Apparently he has spoken to mental health, and this seems to be a very positive step in the right direction, he realizes that he cannot do it on his own.

I spoke to my brother's ex-girlfriend about my relationship with God and the Alpha program... please pray that she decides this would be a good idea to check out. Please also pray for many opportunities for the kids to come to church. I spent one Saturday morning at the city parade and met my step-nieces father and we had a good time together, and he too realizes the importance of bringing his girls to church! God is moving and it is SO incredible.

See...I ask for prayer and begin to rejoice again. God is good. SOOOO good.

My parents are on their way home from Niagara Falls. I couldn't go because I had to work (boo!), but I've seen it before. I'm looking forward to seeing my dad's pictures, because he's a great photographer.

Yesterday, I graduated from college!! I had an incredible party...I'll write more when I have pictures (and to give you a break from so.much.reading.)



  1. You've got an awesome outlook on things, Niki! (haha... I wrote "lookout" and couldn't figure out for the longest time why it looked funny!)

    I saw Janet Collins ("Perky!) at Rita's memorial, hey? Hadn't seen her in YEARS, and I just recognized her at the end of the servie - in all the hundreds of people there (and there were HUNDREDS!), she was sitting directly in front of me. Only then did I find out she had a message for me from you! Gooooo, God thing! ;)

  2. Ha! I forgot the original reason I was gonna comment. Seems even MORE apt now. I was gonna say that I cracked up at you "give you a break from so much reading" comment. Girl! This is NOT a lot of reading. Have you SEEN some of MY posts???

    (and, er, comments, apparently???)

  3. Hey girl! I am so glad you are home. We have been praying for you so much. You are wonderful and strong. I am so happy to read all of the great things God has done for you!!