Saturday, April 19, 2008

too tired to complete 1/2 of what I was supposed to!

So today was the dreaded April 19th. Dreaded because everything is happening today, or so it would seem.

2 Bible studies (one was cancelled, attended the other one though)
1 group of friends wanting to have breakfast (didn't happen)
1 Epicure party (happening now...I'm not there)
2 Stag & Doe's (how do you pluralize a Stag & Doe anyway??) ... probably not going to either
1 Awards dinner (going to that)
2 friends moving

I also have...

ELC volunteers to confirm (gotta love when people don't reply, eh?)
teller schedule to create (and with less available tellers than before)
final homework assignment (review of work placement)

I should probably...

wash my dishes
move the extra desk out of my living room (my landlords gave me a computer desk!)
arrange said computer desk
sleep (I'm SO tired)

But, I'm...

blogging. Well, just about to write that memo. Then I'm waiting to hear back from a colleague about tellering. Should probably call some ELC volunteers.

So many things I *should* do. I think I'll nap a little...have about 2 1/2 hours before the dinner tonight.



  1. Hey girl. I am sorry you are so stressed... I am here for you.Wish I had more time to help with the tellering. I will do what I can when I am at the ALT.
    Sure miss hanging out with you. We need to go out together again soon. Maybe have a girls night out!!


  2. Smart of you not to try and do too much. It's just not possible to be everywhere and do everything. It's good to volunteer and it's good to learn how to say 'no' or you just burn out.
    Naps are good, I think I hear my bed calling.